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well this game is for two gamejam and one is you have to pay for the game you probably didnt see the "submission to The $1 jam"

no sorry

can i submit a game that has to pay 1 dollars?

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ohh yeah ok good hooh i was panicking

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I think something is wrong with the old file that you downloaded file try to download the new file what's your discord and i'll give you the new file 

hello bro did it still dosent work? i changed the game file

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what do you see on the screen did it just pop an black screen?

it worked for me and my friend and my playtester

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really? you pressed the .exe one right?

The $1 Jam community · Created a new topic Two Games

Can i submit two games?

Oh ok thank its fine 

where is that model you got or did you make it your self?

K thanks!

Can i use this assets for a game jam?

he said this game is bad

damn, well i cant do anything to fixed it now

try fire fox

Well i know this is a hard game but thanks for playing anyway :)

Duck By Pressing S if you havent know that yet

Duck By Pressing S if you havent know that yet

do you guys know that you could duck by pressing S?

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what do you mean by "it is totally libre (mit license)and GRATIS?" gratis is an indonesian word it means "free"

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Indo bang?

WOW you're able to make this game in 48 hours? this is cool!

WOW im impressed with you well done doing these i cant event draw


i still dont know how to play this game

thank you! i love your game too

Hey Good game can you pls check out my Square and Sphere game? and DONT LOOK THE OTHER GAMES

Sí, vaya al rectángulo verde y luego presione e

thank you! pls rated me i want to win for the first time

yeah check my game pls

for the graphics i only went for square and spheres bcz thats the name(plus i cant draw anything so) and for the mobile i cant do that i worked this on a very low end pc

cool check out my submition

the game name is cash run? wow i feel something similar to dani's game hmm what could it be?

hmm its missing alot in this game you should make a win screen lose screen main menu did you planning to do that or this is the final game?

Thank You! i worked very hard on this game

bruh that was 51 days ago i already figured it out

i dont know what you mean 

i only want use ai for ideas