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I did the 666 ending 

very spooky ending

This update was amazing! Also the ending was creepy but interesting and fantastic!

I cannot wait for the full game in December :D

Happy 1st Birthday Baldi!


Also I found even more secrets!!


I Managed to find the Secret 666 Screen

I also glitched into the walls and found 100 Alex's inside the wall

And I found many more secrets!!

I Managed to finally complete the game (With the Glitch) and finally unlock the second level! :D

I really enjoyed the game as it had a concept which no other horror game has had!

I managed to beat the game after 30 minutes of solving puzzles and walking around lots of rooms.

Anyway the ending was very good!

I'm making a Livestream trying to complete Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski

you can join if you want.

So I found a NEW Character being a ghost student  wandering around the cafeteria and also I found Gregory.

Also I found A HUGE secret where you can play Mr Mix's minigame and also during the game I heard the Watcher in the backround.  In order to get the Mr Mix's minigame all you need to do is hover over a dot on the title screen and it redirects you to the game.

I also went into Mr Mix's slaughter chamber which was....weird. The slaughter chamber is located behind Mr Mix's station and has many dismembered students.

And went into the Albert area (red room). I will try to finish the game soon!


why cant i play older versions

why cant i play this version

I watched the stream

I managed to find Smile Wolf and Gregory.  Also managed to find the secret belt artifact in the rust maze which took me 3 hours.

If you want to find Gregory he is by the left window in the forest and disappears once you get too close. Also the Smile Wolf is located by the barricades in a inaccessible corridor by Mr Cleany Cleans office, and slowly reduces your sanity if you look at him for too long and can possibly kill you. 

Also if you are wondering how to get to the Rust Maze you need to leave a few pieces of paper or foil in front of the door and wait for Mr Cleany Clean to take the trash away which will open the door upon contact. This will allow you to have access to the secret room.(If you have the belt already you do not need to do this) You need to go left and enter a room behind Mr Mix's Kitchen and open both lockers with a crowbar (you might need multiple) and then you will receive the Artifact Knife. You will need to go back to the room with the Knife (But avoid the Headmistress as she will kill you on sight if you are holding the knife). Once you return to the secret room you need to open the right door with your Artifact Knife and you have arrived at the rust maze.  Now you need to avoid Freek'A'Delika and retrieve the Artifact belt in the middle of the maze, and once you manage to get the belt you can save the Knife in your belt.  Also you need the blue key to access the corridor with Albert's Limbs.

LOL I'm a bit late to this......


Cannot download the application as it is a rar folder

It keeps crashing every 2 mins and so does floaters Cemetery  

Every 2 mins it crashes can you please fix this problem

could you make the janitors time which is 15 seconds nerfed to 10 seconds as it is very unfair and aggravating.

Could you make the game easier to play

When I drop the open book it does not stop Baldina

The game is very hard could their be another item which stops Baldina and when the bully traps you cannot open the door even after the countdown. 

Great Mod! It offers a variety of Modded experience!

Very good game! I enjoyed playing it, and enjoyed the new concept of pausing to remember the layout of the rooms.

I enjoyed playing this game! The characters are very interesting and the game brings an interesting concept to horror games!

I made a YT video on your Mod