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A member registered Oct 13, 2018

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Cannot download the application as it is a rar folder

It keeps crashing every 2 mins and so does floaters Cemetery  

Every 2 mins it crashes can you please fix this problem

could you make the janitors time which is 15 seconds nerfed to 10 seconds as it is very unfair and aggravating.

Could you make the game easier to play

When I drop the open book it does not stop Baldina

The game is very hard could their be another item which stops Baldina and when the bully traps you cannot open the door even after the countdown. 

Great Mod! It offers a variety of Modded experience!

Very good game! I enjoyed playing it, and enjoyed the new concept of pausing to remember the layout of the rooms.

I enjoyed playing this game! The characters are very interesting and the game brings an interesting concept to horror games!

I made a YT video on your Mod