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hey, this is really cool! I'd love to play but I don't have an android. Any plans for an Iphone or Pc/Mac release?

hey Zeneth, sorry, but I got busy with work and had a creative dry spot, so I didn't really make a game. Sorry! 

What version(Mac/Win/Web) and resolution did you use?

this is really clever. I love it.

this should work

Here's the Drive Link if you need a Web or Windows build:

(1 edit)

if you're on Windows, I don't have a build for Windows, sorry.  Just Mac. I'll see if I can make one soon.

Edit: I made a Windows and WebGL build, if people need to see that. If there's any interest, I'll put them up on a Gdrive.

Urf, it's probably an issue with the one-way platforms and a raycast for obstacles. I'm sorry but I probably won't be able to fix it before the submission deadline ends. Thanks for taking time to play the game, though.

sorry about that, maybe click a little above the unit? Also, you have to move before you shoot, which might be a little weird.