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Cheesecurds INC.

A member registered Oct 24, 2022

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I returned after 20 millennia and scored a 25


I've been really enjoying the game, but I've noticed a few things. There are some ships that are glitched and don't take damage as well as being able to go through them. That's not a big deal though. One big issue I found was that I think an island can become invisible and invulnerable to damage because I have been shot by multiple massive cannons from nowhere and instantly died with lower-level ships. Also, the islands can still shoot after being destroyed which can kill you after a well-fought battle :/ Besides those issues, I absolutely love the game. But I think the submarine should get a buff it's pretty useless at the moment.

It works now! I am so glad I was able to provide some feedback. I'm excited to play it now!

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This game looks really cool and I would love to play it! However, the screen borders are wrong and I can't start the game. I recommend having the game playable through the main tab and then full screen available.

I think I need help

This game is awsome!

I got a 27!

I'm gonna play again to see if I can do better!

I scored a 34 on my first try! (I'm a golfer irl)