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I did try to extract it using an app from the Microsoft store but al It gave me was the music files from the game. (also thx for replying)

Cool game! But some more enemy variety and room layouts would be nice, it gets repetitive after fighting through the exact same room a dozen times.

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Epic game my dude! 

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Just a suggestion. This game does cost money after all.

Awesome vid!

Hey is it possible to have a exe version of the game? I cant run rar files on my laptop, any of you guys have a suggestion for me?

I agree! That would make the game interesting!

These are just suggestions of course, you guys do whatever makes you happy! : D

Some more levels could help flesh it out.

Powerups or interactable elements/obstacles such as buttons that slam close doors in the maze or treadmill floors.

Maybe you can add more monsters that have their own unique behaviors and abilities (maybe monsters that hinder your progress or just annoy you?) Like a french-fry monster that is scared of you, but steals those toy key collectables from you if it is able to sneak up on you without you seeing it.

Although my ONE compliant is that the Oogaburger knows exactly where you are at all times, It would feel way better and be more fun to be able to sneak past or outsmart the burger. Doing this would also add a layer of strategy, which I think this game needs some more of to really expand it. (But of course I'm not saying to make the AI unintelligent, but maybe you could add a weakness(s) to the Burger to exploit strategically)