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Thanks for replying, now I at least know that there was nothing wrong with my PC.

Lol, that actually means you didnt download the game and play. You played it on browser...else you havent noticed it I guess...

I am a bit sad to say that the name which the game will assume about us wont be correct for Windows 11. Please correct me if i am wrong but as far as I know, in Windows 11 the user name from drive c can have only 5 letters from a person's real name or their email account, so even if the game would tend to show that it knows the players will get it it did for me.

I am not at all saying the game is bad, its very good. I am just a bit confused regarding the name part so I wanted to know if the developer knows of this problem or if any other player has faced this problem...or if something is wrong with my pc username of the c drive.

Thank you so much. 

Can someone please say how to get the achievement which is in the middle?

The music is very beautiful.

I got the ending where I was staked, the boy ran away and when I killed him. Please help for the other two. Nice game by the way.

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Never scene such a beautiful scenery from the balcony in a pixel game.

If you play a little close attention while playing you could see the fingers of one of the characters behind a tree when lamu is hunting the fruits (It is actually quite noticeable, the tree would look like it is having fly like wings on its trunk). It is smart to say that that was most probably the survivor we would see later.

It is like one of those games where you have to set traps for some enimes to get caught. I like that aspect of the game specially the fact that it is in story mode.

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It has become my favourite game. Make more like this.

Completed it like a pro. In fact I am thinking about playing it again to see what happens when that searchlight finds me.

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 I want to say one thing though, I was having goosebumps when the cat was attacked. I have goosebumps whenever I feel sad or whenever I am afraid. This time it was an extremly strong one. It is the first time I had such a strong goosebump. But the thing is, I did not know whether I was sad or scared that time.

It has been one hour and I am still mumbling " Damn it!" to myself. During those last moments I held her and slept.

Mom cooked dad and gave it to the neighbours. Next time you kill someone, you do the same.

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I see...

Thanks for the information.

So will it work for Windows 7 64 bit?

Its not woking on my laptop.

Is it not for windows 7 32 bit.