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Thanks to everyone who participated and rated games. And thanks to the creator of the jam, @pixxy . It was fun to participate in the event and play your games! Cheers and will see you at the next jam

Neat concept, could do well on bigger scale!

waifu simulator 2077

Glad you like it!

Basically, every car is basic car with wheel colliders - - with very minor tweaks. So, when I had an working car, I added checkpoints. Basic box collider with triggers. The code is simple - first it knows what checkpoint to check for, second it adjusts angle of front wheels on Update() so they always face the correct checkpoint. When checkpoint is hit, AI's "OnTriggerEnter" is called. If it hit correct checkpoint, it tells to check for next one (in case it was the last one - check for first) and adjust wheels towards it.  Acceleration is basically just full throttle with simple speed limiter to not make AI too op.

Hardest part was probably making correct wheel adjustment, but, I was just copy-pasting code from my previous projects, so making AI was pretty simple, this time. Buuut, feel free to check out my profile, I used similar technique to make boats float towards their checkpoints in Pirate's Keel, game that I made open-source, so just git-clone and run, or just navigate to "AIController.cs" if you want to see just this specific part.



Wouldn't consider this that much of a "low effort", but heck, it was fun to play!

Love the style!

Extra points for quirky movement haha, neat game!

Instructions unclear, made a thingy out of thingy for thingy and now there is coronavirus help

yer a winner hary

Glad you like it!

Status update is mean because I didn't do much effort to update the counter properly, in true spirit of low effort jam

Game update idea: make one kart try to bully you no matter what and how

Thanks for the feedback!

Glad you like it!

red pea bad.

neat game!

Found out you can move faster if you quickly alternate diagonal keys. Now my fingers hurt. Good game though, like the challenge

neat little game!

Bongo bongo bongo I don't want to leave the kongo no no no

Fun idea mate :D

Neat game, would like to see this idea executed in less "low effort" style!

Very strong Atari vibes, nice game! Was fun to play

Very nice, love the art style

very arty, I like it

I'm glad to inform you that keyboard support was added, feel free to check it out!

Hi! It supports only xinput compatible controllers so far, PS3/4 controllers might work but I havent't tested it, I don't have any playstation controllers on hands. Keyboard support is my #1 priority and I'll be working on it ASAP