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The visuals are pleasant enough, and the sound design is just amazing! This game heavily reminds me of, well, "Papers, Please" obviously, but even more so "Peace, Death", since the theme is identical.

That being said - I sent everyone to the bad place. EVERYONE! I thought the Devil was onto me, but he was too nice to tell my boss, Death, about my shortcomings. He was a good man, the Devil, and I took advantage of him, like a devil. It was worth it tho, I made $440 in a week without breaking a sweat, which is more then I made working as a housekeeper in an Atlantic City hotel. Maybe i'd make more there, but my supervisor was always stealing my tips! One day, she's going to the bad place.

As a person who is neither black or from the US - i didn't know answers to ANY of this.

Well, this is a nice little game, with cute design, and simple idea. One problem tho (besides not being very replayable, which is understandable for a jam game), you don't see the beatuful part of the game. All you see is that damn circle with arrows popping up.  

This one i've been waiting for! But man, the speech bubles are too slow, you should have let the player press a button to go to the next line of dialoge. Also, some sort of sound when characters were speaking (forgive me for bringing up Undertale, but, like in Undertale) would have also been great. 

But that's all nitpicking! I do love the overall style of the game, and the episode choice is interesting. 

In terms of graphics and audio this one is great! I played by myself, and I imagine this would be much more fun with friends. 

I did encounter a few bugs. For example, i'm not sure if this is intentional, but i could jump in the air, as much as i liked. Also, on gamepad the shoot button makes you jump instead.

The hostage mechanic, at least to me, was a bit unclear. Also, the minimap kinda negates the purpose of the whole darkness stuff. However, a solid entry, and i dig the visual style

I just jumped my way to victory

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Wow, this one is great, the bottles are a nice touch, and the sound is just incredible and write incredible with caps lock on

SPOILER, i guess, but is a choice between Spock and redshirts really a choice? We all know they are gonna die soon even we save them.