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I found a ton of bugs in the game, I cannot purchase clothes for Toru, sometimes when I skip the character's c;lothes are see through and while on the date when I try to buy food for them it acts buggy. Hope this gets fixed soon.

I want to know the same thing too!

Nfufufufufu I will buy it soon *^*

OMG IT WORKS! I'm so happy XD thank you so much! and I'm sorry you had to go through the extra effort T^T  

This is what I'm stuck on, won't let me scroll or anything.

But that's the problem T^T

I can't scroll down, it won't let me

Am I meant to do something that continues the scene?

I've restarted it but for some reasons the screen still stays the same T^T I only see a shirtless Toru.

I'm also on Windows

It was when they took off their clothes but then nothing happened afterwards, I tried clicking and scrolling down but nothing happened, it was just stuck on a shirtless Toru. And idk about the cockblocked scene.

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The game froze when Toru and Haato where about to have sex for the first time. No matter what I click nothing happens.