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Oh i actually tried her again in a less chaotic map after posting the comment, and i figured out that she had that ability, i think it should be in the help screen. After trying her i thought she was kind of op actually lol.

I don't think an extra shield is that necessary (maybe if it granted just a couple frames of invulnerability after a hit?), but i think my skills in doom might be above average so maybe other people would find that item helpful.

Anyway, i really liked this mod, the fast paced action and resource management you have to do with the weapons is really fun, so either way i'd love to see more content for this mod! Definetely one of my favorites.

Can't believe i took this log to find this mod. This is amazing, just wish i could play Revoltte without getting immediately decimated though =(

Weird, I thought you could just download the file from itch.

Here you go

I did notice that the subweapons and buster were changed to enhance the melee combat, but doom's level design doesn't really compliment that so it can get pretty difficult to deal with certain enemies when they keep distance, so i get how difficult it is to make Blaz be focused on melee when the game is doesn't help. Also maybe the hammer could have a different effect on melee, like deal slightly more damage and do the aoe damage on the melee hit instead of doing the animation twice.

Anyway, i hope you're doing good and good luck on working on this,.

Here's a little feedback on the 1.5.2 version. I played as blaz on knightmare mode without any saves on some wads i can't remember lol.

The 1.5 update seems to want to overhaul the whole game and make it more coherent and consistent, but i honestly still prefer the 1.4 version in many ways. It's so diferent that it just seems like a new game at this point. Some problems i did have with version 1.4 was that it was kind of easy to play, after a certain point when you've already collected all the upgrades and whatnot, it was very difficult to die, and Blaz was the weakest of the 3 for me. 

Doomslayer was basically beefed up doomguy so he was already at home, and his bfg equivalent let him punch indefinitely until there was no more monsters, Kustam had perfect accuracy and great damage with his pistol, and his upgrades were very op and could easily wipe out waves of enemies. But Blaz didn't really have anything as op.

Being focused on close range meant that he was already handicapped. He had good melee damage but nothing really crazy, his powered up sword also didn't deal that much damage, his subweapons ranged from really good to basically useless, and his bfg was fine at best, very limited. His only truly op option was his buster upgrades, the blue one could deal a ton of damage and do some good crowd control, and the yellow one could tear through enemies while freezing them. So Blaz was pretty unbalanced and needed some changes.

The way Blaz plays in the new version is very weird. He pretty much got nerfed in every way possible. When you're surrounded for example, he's got very few options. Using the sword is not a good idea since his damage is not great, powering up the sword doesn't help much because of the low ammo and the damage is still relatively low and doesn't heal much, the sword throw seems to deal more damage than before but doesn't pierce through enemies anymore but throwing the powered up sword could maybe be a viable option to get rid of a small group of enemies, and then you can try and use the fists (which also don't deal much damage) to stun enemies while trying to take cover, but throwing the sword is a very awkward thing to do in these panic situations because it requires you to hold down the fire button for a litte and then release it, which is weird because the update seems to encourage the sword throw way more than before because of the lack of options that you had in the previous version, but doing that move requires you to prepare so much in advance, and in this situation you would still be open to a lot of damage depending on what monsters are surrounding you.

The subweapons are better but also heavily nerfed. They're very low on ammo so relying on them is not an option and the fact that they can't be powered up like the sword anymore just limits your options even more (honestly i didn't use the subweapons that much, so maybe i played it wrong). Also, the hammer acts really weird. If i use it at close range on an enemy it hits them with the melee variation, then it's immediately thrown. It used to be really cool to have an extra melee weapon and now it's not possible anymore =(

The buster is probably the worst option in that scenario: it has low ammo, deals low damage, the stun is very different from the freeze the old buster had, because hitting the enemies while they're stunned makes them wake up, which means that stunning enemies to hit them with the sword often results in you taking damage, and even with the upgrade it could still be a problem.

All of this makes playing Blaz kind of frustrating. I always feel like i'm severely handicapped, it feels stiff, dealing damage to enemies with the normal sword combo doesn't feel very satisfying because of the weird timing it has and it doesn't deal much damage so what i often do is throw the sword to kill enemies more quickly, but this makes me take cover, hold the fire button, throw the sword and repeat for the next enemy, and that doesn't really flow for me. I avoid using the buster because i'll run out of ammo, but using it also doesn't help because the stun is heavily nerfed, and the subweapon is not much different.

 Here's a few suggestions: the subweapon could have ammo pickups like before but with a limit, and then it would reset every map just like before. The buster and subweapon could also have it's own button, it just seems kind of awkward to keep changing weapons when they barely change anything at all. Since the buster is not really its own weapon like before, it would be way more convenient to have it ready at any moment, that would incentivize the player to use both the buster and subweapons at any moment, instead of basically choosing one at any given time. The sword throw could also benefit from its own dedicated button, it's a very useful tool but using it is needlessly complicated (specially with the last hit from the combo, because holding the button while the last animation plays makes Blaz swing the sword 1 more time to then hold the sword to throw).

Anyway, sorry for the giant text wall, i don't really mean to bitch about this mod, it's my favorite doom mod and could easily be its own game, and i'm really happy that you're still taking your time to work on it. These are just some things that i didn't like much but it's still a great mod. Most of the things i said could be wrong, and maybe i just suck at the game. As for Doomslayer, i didn't play him much but i really miss the bomb.

Thanks in advance if you read all of this and thank you very much for the mod.

This is so beautiful, left me crying like a baby

This is the funniest thing i've seen all day lmao


Nice. Could you upload a patch or something? I really liked it