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Chasing XP

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We were very lucky to get the D-Cell dev team in one place for this awesome, in-depth interview! Thanks so much guys, it was a fantastic episode! I've dropped the full Unbeatable Gameplay & Developer Interview below!

Jeff has named Unbeatable in his Top 5 E3 2021 indie games!
The Chasing XP team are huge fans... the art, the aesthetic, the soundtrack, the story...! Awesome work :)
Our Unbeatable Gameplay vid is coming soon, but for now, you can see Jeff's Top 5 E3 2021 Indie Games feat. Unbeatable :D

Great little game :) We liked it!
Full review -

Hey Nathan - Really enjoyed having you on the show! Part 2 coming soon :)

This game is absolutely off the charts FUN... Our Head of Games, Stephen Daughton had such an amazing time with Grapple Hoops - and we're really forward to working with you again soon on the podcast or Dev Roundtable!

We recently published a Siren Head: Retribution gameplay video. And thanks again for such a great interview, Nathan!

We had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Nathan about the development and success of Siren Head: Retribution! Thanks, Nathan, and congratulations on an awesome debut game :)

Siren Head: Retribution Nathan Brower Interview on

Hey!, Love the theme of the page, as well as the game design! We're interested in doing an interview with you for "There's Nothing To Do In This Town", as well as an editorial article. Please get in touch via our profile if interested. Many thanks!

Hey! We'd like to arrange an interview with you for Samudra, with an editorial piece to accompany it :) If you're interested, please get in touch via our profile. We were unable to find a contact email for you, unfortunately. Thanks!

Hey Nathan, We'd like to get an interview with you and write an editorial piece on Siren Head: Retribution :) If you're interested, please get in touch via our profile. We were unable to find a contact email for you. Thanks!