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Chasing Skyler

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you are quick at making games lol

love it

yes!! just yes lol 

visuals and audio lead to a very polished and disturbing experience, i highly recommend this. wish it was longer tho ;)

i laughed so hard milk came out of my nose and i wasnt even drinking milk

I can't believe i played 7 of these games on my channel.
616 please contact me for voice acting. i would love to voice act for free in the next episode. 

need more games like alternate watch 

great ambience. i really felt uncomfortable in the movie theatre. great work.

that was fun, reminded me of happy humble burger farm. i was wishing for more.

i screamed like a little girl LOL

alright alright you got me good lol

style is on point and cooking was legit. thanks!

my finger started to hurt 10/10

at least the game made me laugh =)

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Just brilliant. You are my favorite indie horror dev. I'm a huge fan. The atmosphere you create is top tier.

my favorite part was the blanket ghost lol

this is a masterpiece, i love your stuff man

this is a work of art

great concept. well done

lol why doesnt mcdonalds have more ads with ronald

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oh man, i got jumpscared so bad i smacked my keyboard and the game shut off

gorgeous game, great story. that was a treat to play thank you

great concept, you got me lol

interesting, love all the references! 

i need to play more!

fun to play! charming too

damn your games always get me bad lol

gorgeous game. great story. i want more of this. it was so charming and fun

Playing this tomorrow %100


why are you copywriting the game music on tiktok

little gem of a game. thank you!

im late to play this but damn, everytime I play it live on tiktok i get 2,000 ppl watching lol

legit good. well done. the tension build up is top notch

well done, definitely one of the better short short horror games.

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the most disturbing part of this game was that 'Q' is the talk/interact key.

I CANNOT WAIT FOR MORE GAMES TO USE CHAT-GPT this was a transcendent experience