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Chasing Skyler

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very well done, this game tops my list of favorite horror games. well done. cant wait for more. im dropping you a follow

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being a scene kid myself on myspace in the early 2000's i found this game to be too accurate lol
this game was a gem. I was utterly disturbed by the end of the game. very powerful. thank you. 

awe man this game WAS SO LOUD LOL it jumpscared the hell outa me

game was unique, interesting, and had a good lead up.

my favorite was jumbo josh ;)

i had a good review in my video, i think this game was so great that it could be expanded to at least an hour. 

the old sneak up from behind gag. gets me everytime lol
thanks for the game!

very good concept, i definitely think u can expand on this

I fell off my chair thanks

scary dooood

full game, high praises from me. Make more please, you are my favorite horror dev

good little story, nice little fake out at the ending, overall enjoyable

funny i had a great laugh thanks

very unnerving


haha good one, you fooled my twitch chat haha 

the dialogue is gold

time to turn the prototype into a longer game!
you have good success here

I didn't find the other ending lol here is a TikTok I made of the game

couldn't stop laughing
some of the best horror comedy games i have ever played

looking good, the escape room puzzles should prove to be fun

youtube demonitized the hell out of this game lol
i had to cut alot 

your game got some good visibility on tiktok

very good game, hard as heck but i had twitch chat helping me through the whole thing. it was awesome because it kept chat very engaged.

Hahah you got me a few times, overall disturbing and creepy good job
first game in my playthroughs

I love what you have so far. Chase sequence was done well, sound design is great. good job overall. timestamps 9:39

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I highly enjoyed this, i definitely think you should expand on this, more mystery, more horrors, more secrets. keep the same graphic style. remind me of quake. good job timestamp 14:07

GREAT!! out of gas was better than nightmare, but nightmare was still good.

the old appear behind you gag gets me everytime

i feel threatened

yay i did it

i enjoyed that! just the right amount of scares

wish there was more!

hes a meany, not sure if i got all the endings but here it is

holy hell you got me so many times with the jumpscares! by the end of it I was starting to get irritated lol

second game on the video
simple, quick, lots of jumpscares, maybe too many

whoa whoa whoa, that was uneasy as hell. way to make me feel so uncomfortable lol

haha cheap but effective jumpscares.

The 3rd ending was hilarious, couldn't stop laughing good job

aesthetic is on point, ending was nice a disturbing