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lol me too

If you make the speed of the objects slower, there is no sub-pixel movements. I also made my game scaled small, and resizing the view so the screen is bigger when playing, same issue. I guess because the objects move so fast it looks smooth. I reduced the speed of the player, obstacles, etc... Bam! No sub-pixel movements!

Great remake of the OG! The sound effects are spot on!

I enjoyed this simple and fun game, good job!

Neato game! Completed from level 1-20, had a lot of fun. Seems like it would definitely fit in as a Nokia game!

Nice and fun concept! Reminded me of  Getting Over It/Sexy Hiking, except it's a manless pickaxe

The game is awesome! The only issue I have is that the camera is shaking a bit too much, I'm having a whole earthquake here XD