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Thanks so much!!

I like the systems-of-influence - are there any books/movies/music videos that are a thematic influence? Reminds me a bit of another game called Amen Break, which has a different feel but a similar conceit (when you leave this dungeon it is destroyed). 

Anyway very cool stuff, I love the included dungeon and 'monsters'.

'if your game can't incorporate those characters, it simply isn't cool enough.'

1 million times this. No game system is cool if you can't run all these characters. FIST DOG. TENTACLE ASTRONAUT. SO GOOOOOOD.

Thank you this rocks so hard.

APOCALYPTIC PSYCHIC VORTEX is the best character class ever. That is all.

This is so good. Thank you.

BAH I found it myself. YAY there is one!

Good on y'all. 3rd party licenses rock.

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Seems very cool! What kind of 3rd party license (if any) do you think y'all will have for this?

(Also YAY cannabis golems!)

Sasha wtf I can print this out at home?!?!?!?! Without sacrificing my dog to the Ink Gods? You rock. AS DO THESE CARNIVAL MEALS! 

'3. Literally just a bible, with a little tzatziki sauce drizzled over it.'

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I think all you need is an example, but, like you say, the rule might also not be necessary. Maybe have the group do _extra damage_ or the like? Or have some _extra effect_ that the PCs don't want.

I like this but I'm confused by the Multiple Combatants section.

'If the referee is managing a large number of combatants, you roll once for each group.'

So far so good. 

'Both D6 + SKILL makes the top combat score and the highest of those D6 + SKILL makes the low combat score. Half of the group use the top score, the other half the low score.'

OK so.. If I have a mob of angry pelicans (SKILL 4) what are we doing here? Rolling a d6 + 4 and another d6+4, and the group is in two halves, 1 using the higher score and 1 using the lower?

Most of the images are currently backwards when I click through in Safari. Not sure if that's just me / my browser though.

It is fixed. Thanks Heromyk!

Wow I fucked up. Will fix that tomorrow

Writhe is so good! I love the evocative areas/monsters detailed. The curses idea is fantastic, as is the growing Doom each PC gets.