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I need more of this! It was spellbinding!!!

I third that!!!

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Creeps McPasta die cut stickers please!!! <3 I'll love you forever!!! I'll be your best friend!!! I'll let you be in my dreams!!! :)

OMG! This is the best thing ever! I haven't laughed this hard in as long as I can remember! BTW: I totally want to play Dumbidoom's Revenge! Thanks for a much needed bout of belly laughter on a rotten sick day!

Not a bad game so far, but most of the love interests look more like 30-40 year olds instead of high school guys... It's a little weird... IJS LOL I just started playing, though, so I can't give a real review yet. LOL I know, "Shut up, Charming!!!" haha.

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I must admit I was first taken aback by the historical inaccuracy, (I didn't read the notes ahead of time, so I wasn't forewarned) but about 5 min into the game, I no longer cared! I fully enjoyed this game and hope that there will be a Montfort route added on in the near future!!! My favorite route was that of Blake, but I feel that Montfort could rival him in my affections! Hehehe! More Please!

I can't get it to install for some reason. :(