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How do you increase the star bar for Shuu? The heart bar is full but the star bar is still empty, I had a scene where he was sick with CG. I do spend most days with him and I'm already in July, am I doing something wrong?

Hey! Playing the game I've found that you actually get traits like cute going to the book store and talking with the shop assistant (the grey haired dude) so that you can buy a specific book and it tells you the trait it will give you. Then you need to read said book by clicking the shelf in the room at night time and you'll get the trait. Otherwise you can also get traits by eating at the restaurant by talking to the lady (this gives you traits like energetic, ramen lover, etc.) !!

I bought the game today along with the beta! I'm seriously loving all the dialogues! Is Toru the only character we can romance for now? I'd love to see Shuu as an option! xoxo love from Spain