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Had a lot of fun with this game, it was smooth and bug free. I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel!

I've had the worst luck with this map since I got the game!

I was tired and impatient when I started the game cause I had already done several other letsplays but by the end of it I was so captivated that I couldn't stop! The game is a really unique experience.

I'm so pumped to finally play the full game!!

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My girlfriend just starting playing with the last update (Alpha 5) and her steel stack stuck at 6 and started a new pile, 
but the forge only registered the pile with 6 so she wasn't able to build the golden pickax and had to restart her game.

I also encountered a glitch in Alpha 4 where anytime I fullscreened the game it crashed. It started after trying to expand a third time
and I ended up playing the game in a small window. The glitch starts at about 1:54 in the video, here's the error log:

action number 1
of Draw Event
for object objGame:

instance_exists argument 1 incorrect type (undefined) expecting a Number (YYGI32)
at gml_Object_objGame_Draw_0

Still a wonderful game though and the glitches didn't deter my girlfriend from playing! (She did switch back to Alpha 4 though)

(New Edit: She also got trapped because she couldn't get around a furnace and didn't have any items to put in the furnace so she couldn't deconstruct it and had to restart)

I wanted to thank The Hard Crock for introducing me to this f*ucking awesome game. I threw a link to your channel in the video description.
As far as the game goes, I had a ton of fun with the version and plan to buy the steam version as soon as I can afford it!
The gameplay was very smooth and the AI is hilarious. I will definitely be making more Ravenfield videos!

This game is my new obsession! I love the leveling mechanic how smooth all of the gameplay is, no part of the game feels slow or unnatural. I'm definitely going to do a series on it!

It really felt like a classic adventure puzzle game! I can't wait to see the full thing!

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I gave the game a try! I can't wait to see where it goes in the future!

I really enjoyed how you used the traditional-platform-problem-solving-level system and added robots! It's fantastic.

Omg thank you for replying! Is there any way you could start an email list for updates? That way I could check back in any time there's something major!

The puns in this game are spot on! I love the accurate portrayal of the characters, in a way it does feel like an extension of the original game!

This game is easily one of the scariest I've played! I love the concept of switching between realities. Here's part one of my playthrough, there will be more!

This is the kind of game I could easily sink $5-$10 into if I knew they we're going to keep expanding. Was this just a game for Game Jam or will there be future updates? I will totally keep doing playthroughs of this game if more items are added. I love the concept though, once the babies actually grow up and you can start a small civilization I can see it turning into the next Rimworld or Dwarf Fortress (my baby stayed a baby the whole time I played, perhaps I was just impatient), espicially if you could eventually auto assign people to tasks. Thank you so much for making the game, I really hope there's more!

I get sucked into this game for so long that I have to cut out the boring parts to make it postable!

I'm filming part 3 already and I'm so addicted to this game!

Don't forget to play his newer game Amberskull! The link  is in my video description!

It was so cool that the game had two different endings based on your choices, I really wasn't expecting that! It was really fun!

This game got me good. Really great job!

Really fun to play!  It's like COD Zombies but with Pigeons!

I love the art style and voice acting! Keep up the fantastic work!

This game is so sassy!!

This game has incredible graphics!! I'd say they're up there with Resident Evil!

I had a great time playing this! I'll definitely be following for any future updates and games you may come out with!

The game is great! I just wish there were more people playing! Is there any way to include npcs that attack as well to make the game playable without other people?

Everyone else is doing playthroughs so I figured I would too!