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I just finished the game today after a few days of going through every route and almost every choice (as far as I know), and I'm quite impressed. I appreciate that consenting (to be kissed the first time) is included in the game---I'm not sure if any other otome game I've ever played has included this. You can also back out of any romance at any time, though I couldn't bring myself to do so after testing it once. I can't bear to break hearts, even in games.

Of course the art is lovely; that was never in question. My only concerns are regarding the text and story, and I encountered a couple of bugs when playing. I hope problems with the text will be corrected in further updates, as I saw many typos, some issues with tense, subject-verb agreement problems, punctuation mistakes, run-on sentences, sentence fragments (non-stylistic) and trouble with homophones (ex: led/lead). 

TL;DR: I think a good polishing would make the writing even better. It's a little overwrought in general, and that made some bits difficult to read. I'd be happy to help revise the text if asked.

The first bug I found was at the dress shop. After buying a dress in one playthrough, it stays purchased and you cannot buy it in subsequent playthroughs---the game acts like you haven't chosen any of the dresses if you try.

The second bug was an exception at the very end of the "Alluvion Alenca" ending (I had no partner):

The only thing that truly disappointed me was that the outcome of the endgame confrontation with Alenca's enemies could not be changed no matter what I did. It made my prior choices regarding that matter seem meaningless.

I suppose I would have also liked codex entries for the Gha'alian words and phrases in the game. The player has the opportunity to learn what "madralee" means regardless of route, but I would appreciate entries for the other terms of endearment as well. 

Still, this is quite a good game. Thank you very much for your efforts!

It's as Sil says: it's a dash through the puzzle. You have to activate each switch with Chip's ability. When you see her preparing to charge, that is when you can change directions with the arrow keys. That way she'll charge in the direction you choose and hit the next switch in the sequence.

If you're still stuck, I'd be happy to complete the puzzle for you. All you'd need to do is send me your save file.

I hope this helps!

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I posted a link to my save file in your Discord channel. Thank you very much for your help!

EDIT: Never mind! I figured it out. It really is mirrored! I really am foolish. Haha . . .

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Thank you! Maybe I messed up a switch somewhere then . . . Back to the puzzle I go!

EDIT: This is embarrassing to admit, but I'm still stuck. I've mirrored all the switches using screencaps I made of those on the Sun Path, but the gate's still closed. Either I'm foolish enough to still be missing something or there's a bug.

Could I have a hint (just a hint) regarding a late-game switch puzzle?  I believe I'm supposed to mirror some switches I found elsewhere, but doing so didn't clear the gate barring my way. Am I missing something obvious? There are too many possible switch combinations to brute force this one.

Thank you! You even told me where they are . . . that's kind of you! I'll look around some more!

One thing I think the game could use is a sidequest tracker. The chatter function works for the main mission, but there's nothing the player can do to monitor sidequest progress.

On that note, will I be locked out of completing Quinn's sidequest if I finish the game? I've only managed to retrieve one item so far and can't find any more portals. They're meant to be near the larger cities, right?

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Thanks for letting me know, Sil! I'll have another look. In the meantime, I'd like to report an error. I'm card collecting, and one card (the Chicken Elemental) is listed as an A-rank card in the text, but  its image states it's S-rank.

EDIT: Found the cluster! I don't know how I overlooked that alternate path! I must've been tired. Oops.

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Hi again! I'm hunting red-eyed clusters and can't seem to reach the second one in Cirruwa Forest.  I see a plant gate that leads to a new path, but I don't have Io in my party right now (I'm at the point of no return, I believe). I think I might have screwed up. I might not be able to get the best ending now, maybe . . .

Thank you!

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Anyone else lost in the part of Cirruwa Forest found after Hisstanbul? I'm trying to use the trees as a hint to figure out where to go, but I'm still getting nowhere. A hint would be much appreciated!

For the chicken hunt, I didn't see character portraits during the conversations my party had. Is that due to a missing file somewhere? Also, I don't see the party portraits in the menu. They were there during the demo . . . 

Thanks for the tip! I knew what to do with the puzzle, but I've been wondering how  to get Chip to turn while charging. I got close to the end so I know this puzzle is possible.

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Two small typos: When entering Gramps's shop, it should read "Gramps's Shop" (because Eve's grandfather is called Gramps) but it's written as "Gramp's Shop." The same error was made on the card for this location. 

The second one I found occurs when talking to Choi. She says "There's a red-eyed clusters loomin' around Froxeter."

Might be too late for a fix, but I thought I'd mention them.

No problem! I'm happy to help!

Unrelated to grammar: I think the "auto" command for the baby moth is mixed up. When I turn it off, transformation is automatic, but when it's on, I can choose my transformation. Has anyone else had this occur?

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One small grammatical nitpick:

In a certain secret area there's a book you can examine that says:

"Someone had drawn a Sahvagin on this page! Some of the lines had smeared off."

It really ought to say this: "Someone drew a Sahvagin on this page! Some of the lines have smeared off."

I missed scanning some or all of the unique cluster mogs and still got the Trial Ticket, if you mean those. I don't know which ones I was missing, but I scanned the mogs in the Bronze Circuit just to be safe. 

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Thanks so much for making this game! I'm really enjoying it.

I'm currently trying to get my last Trial Ticket from a certain character, and I've been running around fighting Mogs in the hope of doing what she wants, but I'm stuck . . . am I missing something somewhere?

EDIT: OH, I forgot about Cat Scan! Oops.

I could be wrong, but there are apparently stat-boosting items that we can get especially for our party members, so I think the items you've found are for Eve only.