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Charles Griswold

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Yeah. That one is infuriating.

Perhaps making it so you have to be close to the NPCs as well as in line of sight would help.

Having the NPCs do stuff with the equipment for more than just a fraction of a second, and having them being completely oblivious while interacting with equipment would help a lot too.

FYI, the desktop app has a pre-approved list of file extensions that it will install, and absolutely refuses to deal with anything not on the list. .xlsm files are not on the list.

This is a neat little game. I like it.

I nearly lost my life to depression a couple of times, so I totally understand. Dealing with that is more important than dealing with us. Best wishes, and I hope she recovers (as best as she can) and gets all of the support she needs.

Can confirm. Ouch.

This is amazing, and I am downloading the sequal as I type this.

Fscking brilliant!