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I can't wait :DD

The death sound creeped me out so bad! 10/10!

Big big fan of the new update. It is a much more intuitive design that will probably lead to me using it more often for project organization and maybe extend to planning. I wish there was a way to save layouts as a txt file like the intro to tape thing to differentiate between different projects.

Very hard but I really like it :D

I like the execution :)

Very fun game

There are keyboard shortcuts, but they are clunky. I'd like an option for mouse control.

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This is really good when you get to know how to use it. The key being when. The documentation is incomplete and the tutorial is hidden in the download files. Some changes I would make.

1) When you extract the file, would have the .exe file and two text files. Drag and drop the text wiles into the Tape window. It has a proper tutorial. I would make that page show on startup for the first time.

2) There is no way to clear the board, this makes deleting old things very clunky. Add in a right-click option to clear the board

3) The last complaint is that editing text is really weird. I'm not sure if I've clicked on it properly, and I have to triple-click to actually see any highlight. Change how editing text works to make it more user-friendly.

Overall, this is a really great concept, but it has a couple of glaring issues. I would add a roadmap of features just to show that the project isn't abandoned.

Thank you to the dev and please fix some of the problems.