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rayla from dragon prince

i love all of these everybody is sooo talented and i can see talent!!!!!!!!! I love this!

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yeah that happens to me a lot too! X'D

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running away and trying to keep in all of her hurt. the scars and bandages are her inner self being exposed and causing her emotional difficulties and the scarf is trying to hide it. sry...i just thot id make this oc significant

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i have an oc, too

Her name is Audila. As a young girl, she got in a car wreck with her parents after leaving her home town which was being attacked by some unknown source of evil. then she goes into a magical woods and sees animal spirits and is scarred by one giving her powers and yeh  i have a whole story on her

so cute ! lloveeee it!!!!!

ok love it and also my name is also midori!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok most people don't XD loner here!

its cute! i wish i had curly hair!. all i have is straight blonde, but ig its alright

very good

ik, me all the time, do you know what i am talking about (just curious)


cool i love it and even if it isnt you on the outside, it can be you on the inside!!!!!!!!!!! (sry...trying to be a bit philosophical, but not working out lol)

does anyone know mlb/reference what i am talking about (its fin, just fanficting again

mlb - miraculous ladybug

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under da sea. Arielariel 'under the sea'

luv eet

so pretty! princess rulez

probs just screenshot

i wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you click the eye option then the white ovally blob then adjust and youre gucci

no ones judging, love writing, too. legit almost all of my friends write. XD

so agree

thank you! this game is awesome

me too and my name is also lexi! (sry random)

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no me too tho. legit doing the same thing!

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love it. it looks like a Snapchat or Insta post

very cute. this is me

marinette dupen-cheng