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I said this in my rating too, but I'm in love with this game! If you ever make a kickstarter, or gofundme, or patreon, in the goal of making a full-length Goat Detective Superstar game, sign me up. Getting a more polished, more lengthy Goat detective story, maybe even spanning several cases, or even a series of Goat Detective games, would just be amazing.  I beg of you, be ambitious. For now, I'll just enjoy the game we have with the friends I have. 

Although -walking with a and d, adding some new poses/emotes when the story progresses in certain directions, or making an indicator for when the Gods permit an item to be interacted with or not, would be great. Perhaps even fleshing out everyone's favorite Goat's powers in a similar fashion to intuition in LA Noir, or Trauma Center's magic(Surgery game for the DS/Wii, where a magical surgeon performs great feats) would be interesting. 

Of course, you could do none of that and I would still play your games religiously.