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Chaotic Pumpkin

A member registered May 12, 2019

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Wow, I didn't realize bitsy 3d could get this detailed, Amazing work!

I'm working on a little project to add color to Merry Sample Project, so glad that the Gameboy color is supported now! If anyone wants to check it out Here it is!

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I have a suggestion for the sample project: when you complete all the quests and go back to the town, you get a cutscene of getting an award or something for helping the town

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Been loving GBstudio 2.0 so far! I did find a little glitch in the sample project (see video below)

I would love having plugin support for gb studio, that could add so much to GBStudio

Hoping for that spoon in 2.0

Cool! Would you mind putting the .gbstudio file up? I'd love to tinker around with it 

I played this for about an hour, it was very addictive and fun :)

this is so helpful! Before I was going insane anytime I needed to make a map