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can someone let me know when the english translation is out

I loved it so much!! The hangman move cove pulled was super duper adorable I couldn't stop smiling when guessing!!

I also really loved how specific the MC though about their taste in people and how many option there were to choose!! It really made me feel validated so thank you for that!!

Also I just realized jeremy and Shiloh are the same Jeremy and Shiloh from xoxo droplets! I didn't even noticed at first, that's clever!!

I can't wait for another update!!

Yessss new update, gonna try it right away !!!

the day i have money will come and when i do imma buy this game

omg where did u find big bro?? I can't seem to find him :((

I get so excited every time there's an update

hello !! i usually don't play games but i've been starting to play more since i can't get out of my house bc of the coronavirus. i really likes project kat !! after the ending, it made me want to know more about the story of the place and who kat was looking for, hope you can continue it !!