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That's awesome! I am so glad you liked it and found it useful.

Thanks for the excellent product!

I love the layout, and plan to print my own! But I was wondering if there are instructions to do so. I think the "Booklet" print option in Adobe Reader will do it. Any tips?

Good catch. I guess the idea is that if there are no revealed cards and you hit a landmark, the landmark is wasted. I have another idea (A landmark prevents a setback from happening). I will update it with that instead.

Thanks again!

That actually is mentioned during the Navigating the Maze section, but I will clarify the language so the two sections match.

I also feel that forcing them not to collaborate is not the greatest feeling. In practice though I found that the game was far to easy when all the players could just work together and it undercut the spirit of the mini-game. Maybe I will add something that chalks this rule up to how hard it can be to describe directions to someone else in real life (That's always been my experience).

Thanks for the feedback!

Reading through it, really like the content, very creative!

This is real good! I will print it off and stick it in my GM binder for sure.

This was fun, it was great to work on something and actually share it! If you check it out let me know what you think.

The page is a bit bare bones right now, will be adding some sample mazes later today if I get time along with a nice banner or something.

Plugging away!

Shared it over on the Runehammer patreon discord. Some really creative folks there!

First entry! I am reading through it now. Some thoughts;

  • I love adventures that have some random tables to help decide what is going on. Your table for who or what is behind the demise of the colony makes the adventure fun to replay for the DM.
  • The dark secret for each PC is also a nice simple touch to set the mood!
  • For the alternative start, maybe the players could be sentenced to Transportation for their crimes (And the players could make up what their crime was). Since you have some historical inspiration that might work well here.
  • Good, simple ship combat system.

If you wanted to add more to the adventure, I would flesh out the search for what happened to the colony. Perhaps a few bullet points for what each of the four possible bad guys, and a small hex map or point crawl to explore.

I would run it!


I have noticed him on there posting about Knave/Maze Rats/Questing Beast videos.

Hi Taylor, that's all I am worried about. I want to give the right attribution because the creators of the game deserve it. I will check with Questing Beast directly for my specific entry. Thanks!

Just wondering if anyone knows the best way to do this. My submission is going to be for Maze Rats so I think it will  be pretty easy (and I can reach out to Questing Beast on reddit) but are we required to add things like creative commons license, attribution to the authors, etc?