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chaotic development

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tank phillip ill lool into the bug and will add an system were the crane get higher tank you for commenting

Humble brag

okey no joke i had a good time while playing this just sad its so short

is there a reason why i cant play it?

very nice game dude well done

tanks dude and dont say you suck at it man it is fully randome dude lol dont blame the player blame the game

yea shure dude but trust me if you took some more time i am shure you could make a way beter "meme" my dude just some friendly commentary

i dont like the game that much but hey thats my opinion dude

awsome game a little confusing @ first but after that it fun well done

left click to interact

controls zqsd

(1 edit)

iknow how that feels man same ting over here dude lol

pretty fun game some minor mistakes but still good job

its somting great man and i hope you keep working on it

nicly done man a litle confusing at furst but once you get it you got it

tip   itl be beter to youre gifs or short videos to tell the tutorails

nice man mine to is made in clickteamfusion awsome that im not alone

awsome game man scary to tink wat it is were it is and what is behind but i love it man

i found a glitch if the launcher is pointed down and you spam rockets you sart going out of the game man

i love it man

fun game man just 1 ting is it made in clickteam fusion?

yea i have seen this behavior and am fixing it but caus we had to make 10 levels in a couple of minuts we dit not have the time to playtest all we will get back at you wen fixt tanks for the comment

pretty fun man

nice game man

its actuly good you ask chaus i suck at sound stuff

yea if youre up for it

if you whould start the project lets say 12 days to soon is that cheating or not not saying i have but i just whould like to know

ha ha nice man nice im bad at it do

haha im joined back

i am gona try but plobebly i will not make it to the gamejam it might be day in america but here midnight i will do a full day no sleep do

the only rules say its to be pixel and horror

for some reason after i started it up it just crashes

it would be idealy to let the user see a video of what the game is about

i freaking love it

i played it and could stop looking at the project therefor it went down love the music by the way

tanks man

hello ehag i have listend to your're advise and platformer2 is out

i will be shure if i do an update i will add it and more

tanks man