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Nicole has held the top spot of the leaderboard for far too long. Someone knock her off, please!

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- When one of Nead's minions kills your last alive character, the game will crash. 

- Potential issue with characters attacks not working either after leveling up with Blood or after using Damage Potion. This needs testing to narrow down.

Strategically working out what you can kill, prior to spending your Demon Blood each level can go a long way in increasing the length of your game.

Make sure to read the details on any special abilities mobs may have. These abilities make mobs especially dangerous.

Sometimes it is better to allow a character to die, then resurrect them, rather than try to keep them alive in the first place.

Remember that you can trade Demon Fire for Demon Blood. This can be useful if you need to get a character 1 more level to survive a round of combat.

Try to ensure that each of your party members has enough health to survive an attack by a single enemy. This will not always be possible!

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Sorry, no, this is not a game in the Doom franchise. 

Get the HELL Outta Here! is made by a small Aussie-based Indio studio and is our first published Windows game. We'd love to hear from you guys, so please, feel free to leave any feedback, comments or bugs that you may find, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Really hope you enjoy the game, and if someone could knock Nicole off the top of the leader board, that would be appreciated. She's had the top spot for long enough!