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Yeah, I'm going to work on it some more this next week.  I'm a little burned out, so I'm taking a week to catch up on everything else.  But sometime mid or late next week I'll release a "1.0" version that's complete enough for a 7drl.

Ok.  I was under the impression that there wasn't a difference between a T-Engine module and a game modification. I'll reclassify it.  Thanks for the advice!

If you're interesting in the game, then you should know that it's 90% finished, but the last 10% is the bug-hunting and balance.  The balance is awful right now, and I didn't have time to fix it before the 7drl period ended.

I'll post an overview of the status ("What does incomplete mean?") on the devlog here on soon.

I just started on my game, Crisis of the Chrononaut.  Here's a repeat of the game summary:

You're an apprentice to a genius inventor. Suddenly, the time machine he's working on goes beserk, then disappears. It seems the machine he was building is now tearing apart the fabric of time. Portals start appearing that connect to other times, including Cretaceous Period, Medieval times, and WWII. You can enter the different eras and explore, but hostiles from each of these periods can emerge to fight you as well. Your mission: enter the portals, find the missing time machine, and destroy it before shatters time itself.