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Anyone tried separating players more? Typically in ghost investigation shows there are groups of investigators that interact sometimes, instead of 6 jamokes screaming everything into a single channel on a walkie talkie. 

Thinking channels by floors, maybe? 

Also, how do you keep track of where each investigator is, except by memory? Heck I can see the investigators forgetting which room they were in with all the chaos.

that’s all really, it’s awesome with an arcade stick.
Has the “one more try” feeling of Tetris but is a truly unique experience. 

Got this in the Ukraine bundle and it’s by far my favorite so far. Thanks for putting this great game together.

Funny and goofy way to pass some time. Recommend that every player use their own calculator.

Some minor notes: 

  • Circle 5 has no zone between 221-250. I considered this Obsidian Fairway.
  • There is no way to hit between 40-60 yards, so landing in the Molten Caldera in Circle 6 at 390 is doubly punishing. A 3 Iron that gives 30 or 40 yards would solves this and a few other situations where a mid-distance swing is wanted.
  • Putting theoretically requires hitting the precise number? We decided that putts went in as long as they rolled the minimum yardage.

The  punishment is part of the experience, of course.