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Completed, the puzzles are fun, the difficulty is variable, and the maneuverability was more challenging for me than the puzzles because you're super-heavy and jumping backwards is a bit wonky. I had so much fun till the very end (¯▿¯)

Thank you for playing my game, and please accept my apologies for any problems you may have faced. I'm excited to hear your feedback after I've finished repairing and polishing the game. (o^▽^o)

Hi, it doesn't show up.

Hello, thank you for creating such a useful software; but, I'm not sure why it isn't launching today. It worked great the last time I used it, which was last week. I'm running Windows 10.

Do not choose to "go home". I didn't have time to write that route and forgot to disable that choice. Sorry for the inconvenience. Bugs will be fixed and also the complete version of the tale after the jam.

WoW so cool! I am looking forward for more tutorials, thank you for the reply :D

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Hi, will it be possible in the futur to be able to customize other scenes like the main menu? Because if it's already possible, I didn't found how to edit that scene. Otherwise, good job! It's really cool what you made :D

Phew, I go scared for a second here since my Title screen has custom free font. Thanks for clarifying that :)

Thank you for your reply :D


I would like to know if parallax mapping is allowed? Because I plan to combine different RTP resources together or changing their colors.

Yes, all the RTP edits will be done by me only and I plan to share them after the contest :)

Well we do upgrade the idols stats that why I said raising sims but you're right it's more management mechanics that I suggested that I feel it was lacking.


First of all I want to tell you that I am a fan a rising stats simulation games like Princess Maker serie for examples, I've played others too . That's why it's really with a heavy heart that I am going to give a bitter sweet feedback about the game. Also please excuse me if I sound rude or make typos, english isn't my first language...

First, let me compliment you about the aesthetic aspec of the game, arts are nice, UI is okay and really cool Pixelart but unfortunaly that's all I liked about the game.

The main problem of the game at the moment is that I didn't felt that I was managing anything. I could put under contract my girls, 2 per girls and let the game run in the background then just come back to make them sign a new contract. 

Since we're supposed to play their manager, you can either consider to make a scheduling agenda of the girls like when they go train for dancing or vocal or acting. 

Here's how they do in Princess maker serie : 

The point of letting the player plan herself/himself the schedule of their idol would give them the feeling of responsability and the mental and health stamina will be more meaningfull. Depending of what they make the idol do as work or training.

The second option which is closer to your actual gameplay is to give a goal. Since we're supossed to manage an idol group we're normally bound to be prepared for X events where the group will have to appear. This game is similar, it's focused on E-sport team that you raise:

Since you've a wonderfull pixelart artist and artwork artist, it would be nice to ask one of them to do some chibi group animations or drawing. I'm suggesting this because I was disapointed when I ran my Streaming show that I only had stats...

Well, that's all. I wish you luck and don't give up but the way the game is at the moment is more a clicker game than a management game for me. Sorry.