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played Kei's rout and wow...

F his Grandmother, but i cant say the same about his dad.

 i get a feeling he's not bad at all. IDK if cause the scenario looks like  Bernard Girikanan from Inazuma Eleven Orion.( not getting into more details to not say any Spoiler of this anime)

Why he wants Keisuke to to be the new CEO? He could have other children. i think its because the only thing out of his mother control was Kei's birth. So by making him the CEO, the Corporation will be out of her hands.

Well now i shall wait 4 Jun's update to come out.( even if breaks my heart to play any other route besides Shoichi's)

P.S. If Shoichi stayed with his dad JUST to be more close to Yuuichi, Im gonna be... uuuum... Mad? Sad? Happy? Have to Kiss him? Cry(most likely)? IDK!!


Demonic Dragon Earl

A real masterpiece. its been a long time since I've felt so emotional. i saw this VN a while back, was waiting contend to pile up so i could play in 1 go, but didn's expected to have this much content already!

in Jun's Route it have me laugh, cry and a cuteness overload. ( waiting 2 see when they finally kiss)

Shoichi's route really like u can see clearly his love (got a hunch i had in Jun's route confirmed in his) he's sweet, but his dad had me fuming in rage that left me a sentence "No wonders you are divorced" 

Still have 2 play Kei's route. and im afraid that if the family is like Shoichi's dad im gonna have a hard time keeping me at bay.