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Thanks for the input! I was worried Ivory may be a bit too hard for a second fight. He was originally intended to be the third fight, and as the creator it's hard for me to determine how hard a fight is from one or another since I know exactly how to time and beat all of them.

I think I'll be increasing the window in which he prepares a punch. He only has 3 punches, but their tell requires you to pay close attention, and admittedly most new players may need more time to process which punch he's throwing. As for the single frame hits, that's quite odd to hear. It's impossible for any opponent to do that. You may mean how his animation cuts off if he hits you right as the mid-punch animation plays, which is when the hit detection checks your input. In the case of Kid Clyde I did rework this by having one frame of the mid-punch animation be in the pre-punch animation, but in the end of the day it's all the same 3 frames when a hit will be detected.

If you're referring to when you're out of stamina, all opponent attacks are thrown faster, but this seems like a general issue that you're talking about. Giving more  time to read what he's going to do should hopefully make his fight much easier, as when you figure out how to beat him, much like the other opponents, he can be beaten pretty quickly.

Yes, but much like in the original Punchout games it will be very tame.

Oh, I kinda hadn't considered that since I always disable it immediately, good point. I should remap that. The controls were kind of a placeholder (Clickteam Fusion Default) until I could get the controller support down, but regardless I'll probably have to change it, likely to Z and X.