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id still pay money for a zen mode

you say that like it contradicts the original point

omg tysm!!! :')

shhhhhhh you'll spoil my deuteragonist

You could add community copies for the judging duration so judges and other participants could try it?

I believe Pete the Cat also counts! 

As per the title, Minnie Mouse dies in this game. That's not what I set out to do, but that's how the cookie has crumbled. I will be posting not-at-all-unhinged screenshots of my progress and hoping no one guesses the theme too early.

I love black areas in MV because they look so ridiculous in the map editor.

There's so many of them. And I have to do roughly this many unique Guy Designs for the final. Send help

Stone in the middle of me rug, normal Tuesday

The kind of programming that only makes sense in RPG Maker LMAO

With a notable few exceptions (haven't needed them yet), the cast. So far. Ideally, I'll be doing custom art for talksprites, and everyone will be in their real character designs... Also, getting the mustache into the girl generator was so hard that I still haven't made it work. I had to photoshop the walking sprites.

Not a lot of progress to show, since only scene one is finished, but I did take 18 full pages of notes while planning and doing research, so that's SOMETHING.

oh my god this is bringing me back to my childhood when i would play Help The Hero all the time

omg really. aaaa im glad u liked it

this is ASTOUNDING! oh my god, i cant believe how good this is. the art, the music, the writing, it's all perfect. had a great time playing case 1 with my friend, cant wait to keep going!

just a heads up, y'all are seemingly the last place people can get their hands on the CCG plugin

found a very VERY pretty bug made of a syringe. please do not patch him out he is so nice

this comment is so passive aggressive and for what

i dont have many other words this is a singular experience. i think im crying? good game

oh wow

yeah it says in the description lol

Cultivation Jam community · Created a new topic Excited

Just hoping the secondary theme isn't too far out of range for me to use this jam as an excuse to finally get off my butt and put some actual work into an idea that's been floating around in my head for ages lmao.

This was beautiful.

For anyone looking for a laugh... instead of holding down to go down the building, hold up and become Superman

Didn't you make it?..

I had to zoom out very far to play this in my browser, and I could barely make anything happen no matter how hard I tried... The camera especially was prohibitive, I had no idea what was even happening.

This is super cool! Definitely more complicated than anything I was ever able to pull off back when I used Scratch, and the obby was actually challenging for me lol. If you were looking for tips, I would say try and make the interface a bit more organized? As it is, things are overlapping over each other, and there's not much symmetry. A little more time spent making things look ironed out can go a long way. Most importantly- keep at it! Learning how to think in code when you're young can give you a good foundation for learning more complicated stuff in the future, and it's a fun hobby that can help you meet lots of cool people!

That was something I had a hard time balancing, yeah. Eventually it'll be more complex- different plant types, 'harvest x plants for a bonus', maybe nixing the timer altogether, etc- so I figured I'd leave fiddling with plant timers for then, but as it is it's definitely stressful. Bumping that on the 'to revisit' list for sure :thumbsup:

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you like the frogs :]

Oh my god I didn’t even NOTICE the date at the top. It got cut off by the game window 

Will try again when I have time!

A little window buddy! The day/night cycle is cool, and I like that the game window itself is tiny and cute lol.

Very cute! First one I've seen that actually used the theme, too. I like the idea of keeping the bars in the zones :D 

I loved this! The art style and music were super cute, and so was Ad! I was a bit confused regarding the objective- I decided mine would be to max out independence, but when I did, nothing happened, and after a few more minutes of gameplay, I got a neutral end. Do you mind spoiling what I have to do to see the other endings? :eyes:

Not much of a game, unless I missed something, but the art is adorable and the music is delightful. 10/10 would view dino again

Wouldn't run. 

It's not too complicated- aside from possible confusion on the gardening game, I doubt you missed anything tbh

oh and the exit game button doesn't work

The text was VERY hard to read on the patterned background, I imagine it would pose an accessibility challenge to some users. The game itself was confusing- although, as that other guy said, fairly accurate to how real businesses go- and I didn't get very far. All that being said, the little ditty you had for the background music is delightful!

As far as bugs go- I bought five of them. Hope that helps.

Oh, I adore ascii games. This is so cute. (And I saw that candy box reference!) I love the way the PDA works in particular- although that might be Five Nights At Freddy's training me to assume that it will have moved or attempted to pop up and scare me when I look back at it lol. I was sad when I got to the end, but you did a great job!

Also, I've decided that I need to learn how to make these ascii games myself. It's just something I must do.

I had to zoom out quite a bit to play this on my screen, which was a little annoying. The game itself was a bit confusing- I wasn't sure how to earn money, and the resets-to-your-house bug made me a bit lost sometimes- but I was persistently distracted by all the cool bouncy animations that I wish I knew how to do lol.

Very cute! I like his voice on the menu, and I was kind of hoping it would make more noise, even though I get why that'd be annoying. It looks so fuzzy, I just want a real one...

  • Loved the music. Something about 'obviously recorded from playing out of a speaker' audio quality is nostalgic, and I always liked that song.
  • Annoying that I couldn't resize the game's window to fit my screen without going fullscreen entirely.
  • I don't know where it installed to. Why a .exe and not a .zip? Easier on the end user, especially if they're rating jam games lol.
  • Was a little confusing before I realized it was a 'watch and let stuff happen' kind of game, I was spamming buttons and accidentally made a decision without realizing lol.
  • It was kind of slow-paced, and didn't hold my attention for a long time. I wanted to see what happened when he inevitably ran out of mood, but I also figured that would take hours...
  • I like the art style and the way the interface is designed.

The art and music on this are utterly phenomenal, and I'm shocked you were able to pull off something like this in Ren'py. If the game gets expanded, I can imagine sinking hours and hours into this one... aquatic pun intended? 

One thing that I noticed though was the bottom of the tank was slightly annoying- if a gem spawned too close to the bottom, it would instantly vanish, and occasionally fish would just swim away from the food, leaving me to just wait for it to slowly despawn before I tried to feed them again. That being said- again, it's astounding to me you got something like this working in Ren'py lol. Amazing game!

Yeah, I started late and had to balance the jam and homework. Still proud of what I managed to get out, though. I'm glad you liked the hats!