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yesssssssss omd thank u for this great news, this game has been stuck in my head since last year, you're the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!!!!!! 

okay, i thought this to be an april fools update, but im happy to see its an actual spinoff hahahaha ty <3

when i try to download it, it says 'nothing is available for download now' (for free, no moneis for now im afraid). is it my computer or is there no archive uploaded?

annnnd finally beat the crazy mode, your game is so fun and also soothing, idk how, thanks for creating it, cheers <3

You're the best and i love you, thanks<333333

loved it, such a fun mash up. ate so well <3

is the wall-castle the last one?

lovelovelove your game, its so fun and challenging. 

I was seriously doing this for three days in my  free time, since I kept dying before the last stage. running outta time, i was so frustrated hhahahhaha

finally beat it, so satisfying! thanks for working on this game, i enjoyed it a lot.

also, how do i click the crazy mode with touchpad? i can get it to show but not to click it, and keyboard keys didnt help :(

aaaaaaaaaaah how come you all did such a good game, i really need to play it all! MC is super relatable, although I doubted us when it was auto decided to talk to vincent after all, but the result is so interesting and hilarious! Loved the confrontation-flirting scene, and it made me wonder that perhaps there's more to this world we transmigrated into than just sticking to leon to avoid being maimed or worse hahahashhadhasda

hope to see the full game soon, thanks for creating!

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okay, i played the fuck outta this, cuz im a completionist to the core. I DIDNT REALIZE MANNERS WAS OPTIONAL WITH ROB ;;;;; now im too many hours into it to start from the less manners save since his lust takes forever. So, imma convince myself that was the watersports too, since I also forgot to check the preferences during my whole playthrough and didnt activate either that or the incest parts klajsdlkajsdlkajsdlkajsdlkasjdsalkdjsa

im not even into them but damn the completing everything ;;;;

hahahah anyway, your game is a blast, sucked me in completely, since its so carefully crafted for such a messed up prompt. Like, manipulation 101 ig hhahahaha

thanks for creating!

ps: also, fuck, im a dumbass who doesnt read (ironically) and didnt check your instructions in this page, just the ones in objectives. And I thought I could only eat when others were eating at home, never realized it was time locked, i passed out so many times ahhahahahahah. And the dynamic of drugging them with alcohol to make them less suspicious... *chefs kiss*. Honestly, protagonist is so fucked up and I enjoyed playing him so much ahhahasjkdashkdja

love the double take i had to make with the second dialogue of the characters, and how the loop allowed me to not take the same actions and see what happened if i didnt interact as much. Quite the emotional game, for such a short time! wonderfully made <3

wait but was there anyone in the room with the door locked from the inside? I didn't find an item for that :(

oh wow, i'm really excited to see something new in this game! I loved the demo, and wished you'd continue someday. So i'm glad you haven't dropped it! thanks for the update <3

just so i know if there's an 'end game', how many dinos are there? 

also, i loved this game. the aesthetics are top notch, and its so soothing. 

thanks for creating

ah, this was such a nice demo. hope to see more of it, its quite fun to play!

aaaah, quiero ver la ruta de vec pronto! me gustó mucho el arte y la historia. gracias por compartir tan bello juego!

ah, i really liked this game! I think I even dreamt of the plot, since it really appealled to me, being a human in a human-exclusionary town, whilst trying to belong. 

cassius is such a sweetheart, and i loved seeing how he grows depending on your choices to be slightly more assertive & confident. i'm looking forward calisto (i feel like he's full of teasing fun), rafael (just that brief convo made me think it'd be interesting to see how hanging with you changes rafael's socializing), shawn (a punk shy shut-in zombie, sounds so good!) & kristoff (such an annoying and endearing demon? he's so intriguing). Tor too, just not my priority hahaha.

I'm also super glad that the game was comfortable to play for me, since mc was not gendered and that's so good for my non-binary ass. 

thanks for your hard work, hope to see more of this universe!

also, the CG for the cargo shipping container never appears for me. is it blocked?

how do i unlock zed's 1st one?

with each introduction of a character i want to romance another person

this is a serious problem. im being such a slut and i cant help it

thanks for this game, im looking forward more chapters!

hi, the pc version does not execute in my computer, it says the .exe archive is missing altho that's the one i'm pressing to make it run. do you know why that might be? 


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it's very lovely of you to have this giveaway. your game is such a gift already! 

hoping to see the doc route soon (????????)


Ah, thank you so much! I had forgotten that dialogue, when I was given the chance to escape I just took it and apparently forgot the other possibility. Thank you for your answer!

ah, is there any chance i can get a hint for ending 6? i'm trying to see which choices work but im failing. any help?

ah, i really like the idea and concept of this game, i'm eager to see more if you develop it! dating/friending granmas and my bros seems like the best combo if u ask me. and the art is very appealing! the dynamic with choosing a mission from your phone was also interesting! 

it's just such a cool game, thanks for the demo!

ay i really want to be able to go on dates with the people I met in the speed dating. It feels like such an interesting world, discussing their social circumstances about robot inclusion in society, sentience, and other things. I loved that you mentioned some of that. so i'm happy to see that this is part of a bigger game! i'll be on the lookout. 

oh god, this really nails it into being the worst and the best dating sim ever. i was so frustrated but enjoyed too much the irony to be mad. it is so fitting that you cant save, and that any bad option gets you punched. if the other characters become available to date it'd be awesome. i'm eagerly waiting, really loved this!

1. Did you enjoy it overall?

Yes. The customization, the emphasis in bodies for sensations/feelings/boundaries/affections regardless of the body itself was extremely euphoric. The endings are interesting, and since they are paralleled, it's interesting to explore all

2. Who was your favorite character?

Quinn and Caesar. Quinn is utterly complex, and I love how complicated they are, both because of the amnesia, the android-quality, their experiences, their mission, their reticence to face their feelings/thoughts about their existence...idk, quinn is just so layered

and caesar is such a sweetie pie. I cant, for the life of me, not feel awful in the two endings i killed him. it was not worthy at all, Caesar was so sincere in his affections, and respectful, and overall nice. I love the fragments of conflict we saw, his motivations are vague and his actions are very grey, but so are the MC or Alto's. So Caesar won me because he was so sweet and caring and loving and sincere and idk. 

3. Anything that could be improved?

idk, maybe more cgs, or more mobile (like, there's one that's 3 images, the others arent). and a ending list of scenes unlocked or sth like that would be nice for the completionist in me (like, in the game, not as a guide i mean).

4. Favorite/least favorite part?

i love the interface you made. aesthetically so pleasing, and different from regular VNs in organization and display in general. it made me very happy. 

least favourite... killing caesar? Not knowing which ending is more canonical? not knowing more of the Syn or the society in which this happens, but like, because i want to know more

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I love this game, I definitely love VN with stats raising/mini games going on, it feels nicer as a mechanic for me. 

thanks for releasing the chapters for free, it is such a quality game to enjoy, and i'm very tempted to go to your patreon, to get early content. As a question, is the courtship meant to be the whole game? or will there be content related to being an actual squire?

also, as a slight mechanism problem, maybe, whenever i scroll back to see the history i missed by skipping or to re-choose things, the menu bar dissappears [the ever present one, with back and skip, etc], and pressing ESC just gets me to the save menu, with no option for the load or prefs or the rest of the menu. idk if this is a problem or not? just to point it out, cuz it does become bothersome to be unable to skip for the rest of the game if i scroll back once.

thanks again for this great game, cheers!

EDIT: also, while trying to click your patreon, the link in this page and in the upper side of your profile don't like to it. Thankfully in the text in your profile the hyperlink was right, but you may want to check that, so people dont get lost trying to reach your patreon. 

I love this game, as much as it irks me to no end to feel so cheated for so many routes, and the bonus content is so on point I couldnt help but end smiling at the end. Was a nice remise from all of the deaths.

Srsly, I rly wanted everyone to live, but I think it feels fitting after all of the ends, to acknowledge how it goes.

thanks for making this game, is truly brilliant.

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Hi, I keep getting loading errors for missing the files 'SeraphinaExpresions01 & 02 (and maybe more,idk, i cant continue w/o them). Should those pngs be in the demo?

nvm, i didnt realize that answering 'going home asap' was gonna stop the route.

I have the same issue, after rejecting the one night stand I've been going to the bar for work and drinks every night for 1 1/2 months, yet haven't seen him once. Is this common? Is there some specific months he appears? Is it if i only go to work at to the bar? Or for drinks? I'm mid-march now, going to the bar non stop since February.