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Wow...Brilliant..Just wished there were more types of enemies

Really well made game except that i couldn't see where it fits the theme though.

The 3d assets were awesome and the game kept me hooked for the 7 mins I played it for!

Overal good game,but audio felt repetitive.

Not a fan of clicker games but this one was quite good.

Loved the Art!!They looked so cute.

Also the idea of controlling chaotic recoil was out of the box!

Well done team!

Thanks for playing the game.I will surely checkout your game after i am back from work!

The data file can be found:

Hey thanks for poiting this out.The entire files for the game can be found at :

I ll surely checkout your game

Here is the zip file for the game containing all the files:

Gives me geometry dash + candy crush asset vibezz...

But truly unique!!

are these beautiful sprites 16X16 or 32X32?

Woah these look real cool!

pygame : framework

Damn interesting game!!!

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Hi is there an arrow with the bow?

Dude are these awesome sprites 16x16 or 32x32?

Hi,programmer here,Great assets!Are they 32x32 or 16x16?Do you recommend a tileSet that fits well with the above Sprites?Thanks...

Hey! awesome art! On request,could you add cast spell animation?

Nice Idea thanks.I wanted to make first person 2d Retro style dungeon crawler and this seemed best asset for me.Thanks!

How to make enemies attack?There is no attack animation.Nice sprites but.

How do I use it unity?I dragged the 3d obj file and put on the dual striger png on it.But it doesnt look the same way as it was on the preview.Please help I am a beginner.Thanks

Bro what is the pixels per unit?16x16 or 32x32?Thanks

Thanks a lot for the reply!!!


What is the pixel per unit of the sprites? I mean is it 16 pixels per unit or 32 pixels per unit?

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Hi! These are awesome assets!I will make a platformer and send you a link!

Wow!This is a true beauty!!!

What is the pixels per unit I need to use in unity?