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had fun playing it for my channel, cant wait to play more of your future games!

Cool Game, excited to play the expansion next!

This game deserves a 5 star, scared me yet made me laugh!

this game gave me the creeps, i enjoyed it!

i have to be grateful since the first demo helped boost my channel up a while ago. glad to play the second demo on my channel it was 100x better. amazing work!

ive uploaded Ep.1 on my channel and it was interesting since it has multiple endings. excited for episode 2! great game you guys!!

man its good to be back and playing cool games like this, i enjoyed the idea the game restarts and it gets creepier in time!

everything about this game, from the soundtracks and the story are great. i hope to play more of these games in soon!

oh this game is DARK DARK!

i wish i was able to complete the game but i got a weak heart :')

This was fun to play, good job to the developers of this game!

this game was enjoyable to play!

This game had me stuck in a Limbo, good job yall!

A simple game but it scared the soul out of me, video is out on my channel for yall to watch. stay awesome!

this game gave me the creeps not gonna lie especially the guest who wanted to enter the house!

I love the idea of this game tbh!

i remember playing the first demo last year and im glad i got to play the second new demo of this game. good one yall!

Glad it doesnt snow over here or else id encounter an evil snowman. good game!

for a game that was made in 48 hours is very impressive, i enjoyed playing it although it was short. video is up on my channel for yall to watch, good game!

them candles... i hate candles..but i like how a computer game affects his reality!

I enjoyed Playing this game although the puzzles were tough for my small brain. video is out on my channel for yall to check it out!

When is chapter two coming out?

Had to repost this awesome game of yours since its christmas (i hope i wasnt late) 

An interesting game to play actually, good job yall!

This by far is my favorite Siren Head games in terms of visual and audio effects. video is up on my channel for you to check it out. great game!

One of Them Jumpscares took me by surprise, short game but it was interesting to play!

it was a good game to play although i didnt get the ending but i gotta give it to you, the design of this game is well made!

That Ending sure was something, good game yall!

Huldufolk Up! this game has potential for a longer version!

just uploaded the video on my channel. when will the full version gonna be released, im interested in this!!!

im excited to play the whole game on my channel once its out!

This game man, although i played the demo on my channel but sheesh it was sad game but very interesting one too. great atmosphere and enjoyable. great job you guys!

About this short game, it was good. enjoyable to play and the gameplay is posted on my channel for you to watch. Stay Awesome!