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@maxime You must not do well with anything that is different, or outside your safe space.  The fact you advertise some boilerplate rpg game seems to show that for a start.  Harem collector is a bit different than your typical RPG.  One where the god complex of the hero isn't just enjoyed, it is rewarded.   This is a very rare concept, one not found in many other type of games. Where heroes needing to suffer first is the status quo.

Coming from a woman, let me go a bit Annie Lennox on you and explain.  Some of them want to use you, Some of them want to get used by you. Some of them want to abuse you, Some of them want to be abused. ♪  Too obscure?  Fine, just know there are all walks of life out there, and this game is unique among many uninspired hentai games.  You went into this game assuming and wanting a lot, never allowing you to just enjoy what it is.