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The dialogue was incredibly funny and all the characters were so unique and lovable! Especially Floss! I really loved talking to her. What a gem this game is!

These are beautiful! Now I'm even more excited! Can't wait!!

It's me again! And I finally got all the endings!! After completing it, the process in which you get answers makes a lot more sense now. This game had an amazing ending and I really enjoyed it. Glad I stuck it out because it was worth it! <33

I was playing and I almost forgot it was a demo I got so sad 馃槶 I absolutely love this game so far and it actually got me a little emotional, especially towards the end! I know you said you'd be taking critiques, but I don't really have any! Great work; if you keep going as you are it should be great! I've only played through once but I'll definitely do so again. 

This game is obscure and a bit frustrating at times. Though I haven't quite gotten the hang of it, I certainly haven't tired of it yet! It's a really unique concept and I'm going to keep playing until I figure it out!! Great game, can't wait for the remastered version!


I got the ??? out of 9 ending, is that actually 9? Please help!! Loved the game btw.!!

I adored every pairing and every side character so much!! I cried from crippling cuteness 5+ times!! I would also give my life for Baezel. I love the story and i love the main character!!