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I made a video showing the secret area you missed, here's the hidden area with your image, it's at 1:58, not sure why I can't paste a specific time: 

Another thing that could be cool, is if in addition to people submitting ingredients each week on the podcast, they could also submit that there's a pool of EZA assets that you can use to make your game.  It's probably impractical, but would be cool. For example, I saw some people offering to do voice over work in the forums,...well what if they submitted those on the would be cool to see people use the same assets in unique ways. 

I'd do it again, but I wish they'd play more than just the winner's game.  Maybe play each game (or top 5 or 10?) for 5 mins and just say what they liked. Most of the games submitted have some parts that deserve mention...and I don't know about anyone else, but getting feedback is the best part of trying to make anything. 

also has a little bit of commentary on what I was trying to accomplish 

Benzilla comes to mind first

Thanks! I was going for the 'screenshots/menu is totally misleading' vile ingredient (that I added myself). Just out of curiosity, did you find the secret room with your picture in it? 

I really thought I read that we could mix and match somewhere, but now re-read the instructions, I don't see I probably made it up.  Thanks for playing though and commenting, I was beginning to believe no one actually played it. 

Sorry to hear, I had no time to optimize, thanks for letting me know though. I think I'll make a play-through sometime if anyone is interested.

Cool idea/mechanic, nicely paced. Good job!

Awesome little adventure. I liked the story and pacing...kept it interesting. The enemy design is my favorite part as well as the ending credits music. Good job! 

Can you say what the plans are on the EZA's part? I'd like to be able to watch you guys play them live if I can. 

Aw man, I totally tried that in the village, but didn't notice the barrels...I must have missed one building somewhere. The ending would have been perfect if I had figured it out. lol

I like the characters, they all look like who they should look like. I also like the cameo by Squeelin Shay Higgins.

The hot springs scene was the best. I liked the combat but was happy you can just run away or do it automatically. It had a cool overall presentation. I almost quit with the duck jumping mini game, but eventually got it. I quit after not being able to figure out how to open the chest in town. I feel like the answer is probably easy, but I have no clue. Felt a little disappointed I couldn't see what came next. Good experience overall though.