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He ain't no plumber, but this game is very fun! Was able to beat it my first play through but its a good one to try and beat your best score and if you're in the mood for a fun little game to take your mind of stuff this is awesome! Good job!

The animation and sprites are very well done, the story is cute, and the gameplay is very enjoyable!

One of the best soundtracks for any game! Is there a way to download it?

This is my second time playing the entire demo all the way through. It's really good! Looking forward to full version of the game!

So far this game is looking like it will be really fun. A good mix of classic platformer and beat em up games all rolled into one! Looking forward to more updates to this one. So far the only feedback besides the obvious sound files, is the menu screen at the begining when you pick your controls. I couldn't figure out how to use controller settings. I'm guessing you will be updating that with a more clean looking version in the future. Keep up the good work!

So far this is the best music generated twin stick game. I have only played a few others and some of them were good, but they were too flashy and made me feel a bit sick. This game has a good amount of visiual style without causing problems for me. The action seems more acurate to the music being played than the other games I've played too. I LOVE music and have a lot of different styles. Thanks for making this game!

I totally understand not being motivated to finish a project. Life is really busy! However, I noticed that there was another comment about a month ago that is positive and I'm sure there are others who have played that would like it. Feed that to your motivation factor. There are people who would play more of this game! At least update the release with more levels if they're ready. :)

This is great! You definately met your goal of making a successful N64 kind of  game. Just enough familiar style to the best 3D platforming titles on the system for the retro feel, but definately it's own game. I could see FireWing being a successful mascot gaming franchise. It will draw similarities with the likes of Spyro and Mario 64, but it is for sure it's own game. I'm guessing that is what you were kind of going for. I think people would pay at least $10 for it if you would finish it and publish it.