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it's a super cool game once you get the hang out of the combinations (tip: you can cook some ingredients twice haha)

you may have an advantage as an english native speaker which I'm not so props to me and my 6 finger system honestly, no shame

Was that a detective game I could actually solve? Nice

Mac User here, sadly, I couldn't download it but I'll definitely try it on my Windows laptop later :) 

Soooo grateful that recommended me that game, I love it!

love the lofi music

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After 1 hour, I've finally figured out how to play this and how to get whopping 112% Would have never thought it'd be possible to get a catisfaction over 100% :D

Other letters for each group of percentage would have been cool and more detailed instructions would have been really helpful like "Figure out the key word you can type in to 'look' in the archive Tammie left you" :)

I get excited just by looking at the picture!

For which systems will it be available for?