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man that is super fun

Unfortunately unreal engine is bad with getting browser versions set up but I will look into it. I do know exactly what you are talking about with the weird physics and I looked into it after posting and I still have 0 clue what is causing it, in the future I’m probably just gonna code it as a projectile that slowly slows down instead of a physics actor cause that will just feel more polished 

seriously finished with 30 seconds haha, first time doing a 3 hour jam was quite fun


sure give me a bit

There is a full new version of this game on steam and consoles and stuff, its very good

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This is for sure my favorite thing that I have built in this game

Oblck community · Created a new topic WELCOME TO OBLCK

Hello! I made a game, I have a couple more things to add but I am gonna be not working on some stuff for a bit so wanted to get this out here for now. I am adding these super cool community features to allow you guys to share what you have created with the rest of the community. if there is enough support and people posting and stuff I will be posting monthly community spotlights where I will show off some of my favorite creations that were shared here! hope you guys have fun

MAAAAAAN that is a really good game! super good use of the one mechanic that you had just using it in every single way possible and only adding two mechanics and still being able to have completely different feeling levels is an amazing accomplishment with also making this game in the time that you did this is truly a massive accomplishment! However THIS GAME NEEDS MUSIC MAN I know you ran out of time but I think I wouldn't have actually finished it if I didn't decide to go play some Celeste farewell in the background to give me that extra push I mean it just adds so much to the game and its a shame that you didn't have the time to implement it but the sounds are pretty good actually making me give sound and music a 3 here. In terms of art its what it needed to be I think the player looks great and his animations make the game feel really good the marker showing where your going is super smart and if it wasn't there the game would actually suck so nice job on that I can not stress enough how much I think you should revisit this game in the future with some more art more amazing levels music and everything cause this is really well done

Big thing that a lot of games do to fix this problem is a sliding mechanic where when you go to a wall that you can wall jump off of and you slide down it slowly and then once you jump you are released and this give you time to figure out what kind of jump you want to do I would also say go play celeste if you want the best implemented wall jump ever to be made


Really like the story at the beginning definitely laughed at that! I think the use of the theme doesn't really feel like focal point of the game. in terms of gameplay I enjoyed it, it felt nice and simple and easy to pick up and understand. A couple of very very small issues are the shooting has acceleration which to me makes every time I shoot feel very sluggish and slow and the rats on the sides of the screen when they throw stuff it doesn't really feel like you have that much of a chance to dodge because your always going up which cause me a couple of deaths that felt like I couldn't do anything about them (maybe I just suck but you know). Now the art I think is definitely the highlight of the game! every area had a bunch of interesting stuff that corresponded with that specific layer of hell which I think is just genius use of your setting and added a lot of stuff to look at which I loved! cutscenes in general are not common in game jam games and I think the fact that they are here is a really good testament to what you as a game developer value in a game and I love it! 

Really good use of the theme and I really like the idea but sadly the controls often times left me feeling unable to perform the tasks that I wanted to and in a precision platformer where every little mistake hurts you it made the game a lot less fun to play then I think it could have been. The main problem is how a wall jump is executed when you try to wall jump you would be going right into the wall then when you jump now you lose speed because your inputs make you go slower so the way to get more speed on the jump is to go the opposite direction but that's a really weird input to do and often times put me in a situation that was again not favorable and doing multiple of those in a row is very very hard. Now the level designs I think are really good and if I felt like I could use the movement to its full extent I think the levels really use the tools you give the player to there full extent and that's great. in terms of music its great I love it, in terms of art also great and I love well done on both those fronts just a shame about the controls. 

You know I already commented on the game page but man I had a lot of fun with this game

damn. that is really fun. art is just amazing and everything feels really good to play with!

fun game man

Fun game probably needs some tighter controls

Nice Game man really like the floaty movement

Thanks dude massive help

I am gonna try and reinstall the game

Cause this game looks really cool and I really want to play it );

Actually Pretty fun game Loved to music and the whole mechanic was pretty fun sadly the game is not super long which I get for a jam game but i can see lots of cool puzzles with this mechanic. Nice work

Is The camera supposed to spin all the time or did i mess something up cause I think I messed something up kek

Really cool idea at the end of the day but for a game that supposed to be relaxing  I found it to actually pretty hard to get certain blocks into the area that you want them to be in but at the end of the day pretty fun

really addictive game play really well done art and music all around good game!

This is really well done

Very fun I love the main idea of it and hope you expand further on it couple of things the music gets very repetitive after awhile so for future make music maybe just a lot softer or allow the player to turn it off and on besides that keep up the good work would love a couple of more planet types maybe one that have a gravitational pull and then don't maybe some where you can make them move and stuff butt yeah very fun 

Very fun game I have always been  a fan of upgrade system that allows you too choose what you are using would like it if when you die you can go and change some of the weapons you are holding besides that very fun

The sound track is AMAZING! gameplay wise very challenging but still pretty fun some enemy's I felt had a little to much health such as the 3rd section but besides that very very fun