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fun game man

Fun game probably needs some tighter controls

Nice Game man really like the floaty movement

Thanks dude massive help

I am gonna try and reinstall the game

Cause this game looks really cool and I really want to play it );

Actually Pretty fun game Loved to music and the whole mechanic was pretty fun sadly the game is not super long which I get for a jam game but i can see lots of cool puzzles with this mechanic. Nice work

Is The camera supposed to spin all the time or did i mess something up cause I think I messed something up kek

Really cool idea at the end of the day but for a game that supposed to be relaxing  I found it to actually pretty hard to get certain blocks into the area that you want them to be in but at the end of the day pretty fun

really addictive game play really well done art and music all around good game!

This is really well done

Very fun I love the main idea of it and hope you expand further on it couple of things the music gets very repetitive after awhile so for future make music maybe just a lot softer or allow the player to turn it off and on besides that keep up the good work would love a couple of more planet types maybe one that have a gravitational pull and then don't maybe some where you can make them move and stuff butt yeah very fun 

Very fun game I have always been  a fan of upgrade system that allows you too choose what you are using would like it if when you die you can go and change some of the weapons you are holding besides that very fun

The sound track is AMAZING! gameplay wise very challenging but still pretty fun some enemy's I felt had a little to much health such as the 3rd section but besides that very very fun