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I did a playthrough of the game and was hoping there would be more (I didn't expect it to be so short.) and I feel it should be more difficulty, unless this is a first demo of the game.  I didn't discover any bugs, though, and I look forward to more of this!

Overall, this game was great.  I like the idea and concept of it, and I hope to see more of this.  The only problems I encountered were the glitches where you fell through the map.  

My video features a few.

I really enjoyed this game! The story was short, yet interesting, and that's not bad at all.  The controls were a bit tricky to get used to, but it was all good fun accidentally squishing my friends.  I did a playthough of it.  My kind of humor is in this game too, which is a huge plus.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I could. The right one controlled the positioning your character was facing, correct?

I definitely did, however I definitely need to get better with the landmines. xD Glad you appreciated the feedback.

Great game so far, though it could definitely use some tweaks, like any other game in development. It would be great to have some music too, but overall, it is pretty solid so far. One problem I noticed is that turning around with a bomb, you kind of run into it instead of it moving with you. Definitely keep up the work, though!

Great game so far, definitely looking forward to the full version as well, and I'm finding some of the leaves you have put around.