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Been following Tubby Super Cat for years. I loved finally getting to play it. I constantly check for anything new related to this project. Do you actually have a story, other environments, full worlds and levels made, Nimsony? Is the full game getting close to a full-fledged release?

Hello everyone! I've just published my game, "The Adventures of Super Mike" on! Currently, there is no playable build yet sadly... :( But!  You can suggest ideas, see screenshots and read about ASM here. This forum I decided to create. Just for the fun of it. ;) Anyway, buckle up! ASM is going to be an INCREDIBLE game!

Great jamel_rudd! I'm working on a massive project I plan to post to be available to download right from this site.  :)

AWESOME!!! Highly recommend! If you want a game maker that doesn't require any programming, use Platform Builder!