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Thank you for the swift response,
I appreciate you taking the time to answer, To be honest you have been more forthcoming then I expected.

My Idea's regarding Matty are certianly out there, but they just seemed to be pretty fun and make sense to ;p a lot of people have not really given him a thought but ??? aside he is pretty much the biggest mystery here... I mean all those lovely Monstergirls can't get enough and Tari even said everybody else goes "cold" after a couple of times at most.

I know Demi's are not for everybody but if you ever wanted to check out some *ahem* gentlemens literature starring some of those beauties then look out for the Jingai Shunman series by Toumasu/Kanemaki Thomas, each chapter is its own story featuring a new Demi, the first is an arachne and the second an antgirl both are compiled and expanded on in Jingai Shunman Ko no Sho, So if you want to just check out the one that is the one to look for.

Then you could check out Watashi no Koibito o Shoukai Shimasu! by Stealth Changing Line I like no.4 the one with the Mimic.

If you have any to suggest to me feel free, I am always up to finding new Monstergirl artists to follow.
Ok well that is enough "reading" suggestions, if you do happen to check them out it would be nice to hear what you think :)

Until next time, all the best.

Thank you for releasing a monstergirl VN, as you are aware there are not many out there bar Violated hero, Monstergirl quest and The Menagerie.

Being one of my favorite genres for years, once I saw it on Mangagamer I had to buy it.
I had some questions and some inklings about the plot, however if you would rather not talk about said things thats all good to.

Mainly Matty seems like he is special in some way, I am thinking his shield is a bluff it is sterdy sure, but not enchanted. I actually think Matty is the son of a succubus (assuming all monsters are female, if not it could be Incubus or Demon king, hence looking simular to somebody ??? knows) and a human. Hence why most monsters are attached to him and why his seed has the traits it does and the like.

As for why it only effects Monsters currently.. well I put forward it don't just effect monsters, He is just unaware of what he is and was never taught for his own safety living in a human settlement. In a situation he felt was dire he subconciously defended himself and in certian situations let out a kind of seduction aura due to his true nature.

Ruby is my favorite though, I agree with a lot of what has been said already about her of course.

Now onto my questions and thoughts regarding them:

You mentioned humans, does this mean that we will get less Monstergirls? have we met all the Monsters already?

My thoughts on this is I would prefer more monstergirls over humans, as I want some more in the way of demi's Like my favorite kind Arachne's and other unique kinds.

Regarding the humans, will they be human to start with but actually be monsters when you get to know them or pursue their story?

I was thinking that Monsters in Human settlements could easily be a thing as some do look very human, like vampires, succubi, and played right even a Dullahan ( fierce behemoth adventurer that never removes her helmet etc.) so this would be fun to me.

Failing that will some of the characters in the human settlement be humanoid?

Well I also like Drow and the like, so if we can't have monsters then Dwarves, elves and whatnot would be a nice halfway point.

Will we be able to actually favour a certian Monstergirl/character properly and favour the monsters over the city as well?

I understand why this might be daunting as it is a lot of work, but I was curious if you actually plan to have events go off in vastly different directions depending on player choice. For Instance can I reject the queen, spit at her and run away shouting "Dragon Bandits for life, human wench" while running for my life? an extreme example yes but you know what I mean.

OK well I could ask more but I inadvertently wrote far to much already, if you got this far thank you for reading and I look forward to possibly hearing your thought on.. well my thoughts and possible answers to.

Best of luck with the next I look forward to it.