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Found the game through this guy, good job

Pretty cool game ngl, found some scary things in here, good job dev

Those silent hill vibes tho just from looking at the screenshots❤❤

Surreal as hell

Corrupted spawning all german let's players to play the game ahahah

Ok this time she was actually scared playing your game

Oh I see the retro style, I feel the resident evil vibes, I like it

Thank you, please enjoy the movie

Nice video

Simple in gameplay but effective, beautiful graphics too, really well done!

The build up was great, the ending I guess is debatable for each player, but good concept for sure, very creepy!

Very atmospheric and creepy, job well done!

"Nothing scary..."

The description isn't the most accurate I'd say XD but that's the intention I think, watched this on youtube a few times, that voice in the end was different for some, interesting..

Very dark, but realistic, not the most pleasant experience but I think that was the intention, well done

Glad he did, game's great!

Well done, very unique!

I don't think it was nothing!

How did they come up with this xD actually got me a few times though

That ending was... Unexpected to say the least

This is so funny, well done man :DDD

Wait is this actually corrupted posting this??

Short and sweet, well done!

Oh god this is good

I saw people solving this mystery, very well thought puzzles, keep it up!

Wow the sound design made it such a creepy experience, I also loved the voices, very fitting!

Scary stuff, saw this on CJU channel, well done