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Pretty good! Out of all these, the main theme is my favorite ^^ Feels like it belongs in a game with a heartwarming story

I like it! Has a nice and playful feel to it ^^

Very nice! ^^ Hard for me to decide whether the shop theme or Make a Wish are my favorite out of all these, heh...

I think your composition skills are pretty good as they are (especially when it comes to field themes), but I know you can get a heck of a lot better still ^^ Looking forward to seeing that!

It's pretty great that RPG Maker's devs reached out to you to make music for them! More companies should hire you ^^

Very nice and romantic!

It expresses such revival pretty well! :D

Quite the soothing piece ^^ Kinda gives me a "It's been so long... Welcome home!" vibe

Pretty good!

It's pretty cool that you're bundling your music like this! ^^ I suggest that in the future, you include Lite versions of these packs; those would be ones without the previously-paid tracks

Very nice!

Quite nice! Has the same sort of feel as your other snowy town track :>

Having just bought your bundle, I'm pretty impressed with your work! ^^

This makes me imagine a forest that is home to ancient ruins and a hidden village of earth elementals :>

Quite nice! If I ever decide to add a spooky boss to my project, I'll definitely use this ^^

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Glad you got to making this compilation! For user-friendliness, you might want to put the pack on BandCamp and embed it on here like Sonatina does with her albums. For example:

The idea is to make it so people can listen to the tracks before deciding to download the pack

Quite nice! Feels like a touching farewell song. Btw... it might be a bit late for me to say this, but good choice having the downloads just be ogg! Seems to be the best file format for game engines like Unity, especially as far as loopability is concerned

Thanks ^^

Quite nice! Feels like it'd fit in the type of game where the main character is a mage

Pretty nice and solemn theme! As the name implies, it feels like it'd play when a legend is being told. Whether as part of the plot or the intro to a game

I can imagine this being used as the theme of a naming screen ^^

This is one of your better battle themes imo :>

This has a calm feeling indeed. Makes me imagine a main character visiting a lake at night to sort out their thoughts. Right as they get there, they happen to see a beautiful lady bathing in it. The former then falls in love with the latter... Man, your music is pretty good at stirring the imagination xD

Pretty good! This has a nice mix of regalness and unease. I can imagine this being used as the theme of a rich vampire ^^

Almost 5 mins? Now that's rare : o This is one of your best songs imo. I really like the use of hand-clapping to add kick in a few parts ^^

I guess it depends on where you took the test. I myself didn't have to send anything

I've a fair bit of experience with Unity, having recently gotten the Unity Associate Programmer certification. Am soon going to publish a royalty-free, open-source Music Gallery System that's already developed enough to use in an actual game. A lot of stuff I made is on my, but just about everything I've released to the public is on my Github:

I'd prefer to work on a game that will have an art style I like. In case my avatar and the title of this thread didn't make it clear, anime's my fave xD

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Nice! I think this sounds sad and nostalgic much like 思い出 (Memories). I can imagine this playing in the ruins of a forest that held a lot of sentimental value to a legendary figure in the story... Or perhaps an ancient civilization

Quite nice! To me, this sounds sad yet full of hope. I can imagine this playing when one character is trying to encourage another. To inspire them to keep moving forward no matter what trials await them ^^

I've listened to this many times over, and I think that from 0:38 onwards, this sounds like it'd fit as the theme of an honorable knight captain ^_^

Nice! It sounds all peaceful like a JRPG hero's hometown theme. I appreciate the pinch of grandioseness it has on top ^^

Pretty nice! Feels like it'd fit in a scifi game

Oh, I see. In other words, having each pack centered around a theme? Like how one might be for medieval RPGs and another might be for games with futuristic settings


Pretty nice and relaxing ^_^ Btw, you might want to release compilations of your songs so people won't have to go to so many individual webpages to get them. People would appreciate the convenience, and I'd be happy to help gather and organize the files for you :>

Has a certain solemn feel to it... I could imagine it playing in a sacred temple, snowy or otherwise

This feels like it could be the theme of a cinnamon-roll type of character. Nice and sweet!

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Nice! I think this'd fit pretty well as the theme of a mysterious, aloof rugged man of few words. A man who tends to keep to himself... "Solitary Dance" is a pretty fitting name in such a case

Pretty nice! I think this would also fit pretty well as the theme for a character who tends to be super energetic

Quite the tranquil piece ^^