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Cool game, cool concept!

The colours of this game appear to have shifted. Apparently LOVE has changed its format of RGB definition from 0-255 to 0-1.0

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Looks amazing! Any plans on exporting for Linux? It's just a click away :^)

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Amazing game! It's low-stress, gorgeous, fun, beautful. I've never had so much fun flying around. In fact, I've never flown around before because I'm not a bird, but this game made me feel like I was flying. My one frustration was not being able to do a vertical loop, but then again, I don't really know if birds do those in real life. I can't wait to play it more. Amazingly, it looks gorgeous no matter what I play it on. On my Linux laptop, it's beautiful and performs great. On my Linux game machine, it's even MORE beautiful. I cannot praise this simple, poetic game enough.