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César Gary

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The main dice mechanic is incredibly fun and makes expands the potential of making new combinations, incredible game, great job.

That edit was awsome! <3

we haven't tested it in a lot of devices, but it should run fine in any computer

(1 edit)

You have to type "end"

Thanks Erderi! We've made some little changes to the game, thank you so much for your feedback

Lmao, that was not supposed to happen, thanks for the feedback, we already fixed it

You don't have to install it, just download the game folder and extract it in your computer, then you just have to click the file named "This house looks familiar". Have fun! :)

Mi mi mimimimi mi mi mi miwimi mi (this was a great game <3)

Está chidoliro, me confundí un buen entre todos los cuartos