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Hahahaha awesome! it's just changing plantes for planets in one of the game passages. Great work hosting this amazing event by the way! It's our first Game Jam as a team, and we feel it has been a really good start. Congratulations!

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Hey sagdav, we are looking to build a visual novel in Godot, we got a team of 8 people, including dub actors, I got a limited knowledge in code, and was planning to prototype in Twine and develop in Ren'py, but if we could get help making it in Godot, we could include a lot more of game mechanics. Hope it picks you'r interest.

moonshot thinking – noun

  • a type of thinking that aims to achieve something that is generally believed to be impossible.

I think we will be doing a visual novel in this spirit. The illustration style will depend on how many illustrators we manage to get into it.

Awesome! thanks a lot for providing a place to communicate, great job hosting this event!